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March 13, 2013
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A/N: This story is from Black Butler :D  YEah everything from the symbol to the butler (this makes no sense at all XD) Anywho!

Hope you like it dear readers!



You were a rich teenage girl who had no family. They died from a fire. Your house was burned everything including all your memories from it. Your aunt was kind to rebuild your house. You felt so lonely. You had no one by yourside. Your aunt was to busy and she always travels cause of her business. 2 days after that incident, you went to a store. A person appeared from the dark room. He asked you if you were lonely and you nodded. He asked you if you were sad and you nodded again. He said he could give you a butler to be with. You thought for awhile then nodded. He brought you to the dark room he was in awhile ago. You sat in a velvet chair and he left you there with a crow on the bird stand. "If you are asking for a butler, you have to accept the contract." it spoke but it didn't shock you. You furrowed your eyebrows and accepted it. "Yes. I accept the contract." you said in a firm tone. "All you have to do is don't die." your eyes widened in shock and got confused over that sentence. You were too stunned so you just noddded your head.


The man from awhile ago came and he was holding something. You didn't know what it was, so you just asked him. "What's that? " you said pointing at it. He laughed a little and started walking near you. "Its your contract. Didn't he tell you that the contract has to be put on your chest?" he laughed while pointing at the crow. "No! HE didn't tell me anything!" you were yelling at him and pointing at the crow. He laughed again and pulled your shirt collar down and you gasped at the sudden gesture. It didn't hurt at all and another man came in. He had emerald eyes, shaggy blonde hair and he had caterpillars on his forehead. Oh wait! Those are his eyebrows. You giggled at them and you looked at him up and down. He had the same mark but on his neck. He put his hand on his chest and bowed down on one knee. He also bowed down his head and was gentlemanly. "Hello. My name is Arthur Kirkland." he said standing up. "_-____ _____" you said stuttering at his handsomeness.


You were at home and you were in the library reading (favorite book). Your butler came in carrying a tray. You loved tea and you knew how it smells. "Good Afternoon, Miss. Is it fine if I used some of your tea in the kitchen?" he asked while pouring tea into your teacup and placing it down on the table in front of you. "Of course. And how old are you?" you asked curiously. I hope he's the same age as me! It seems like I fancy him you thought happily. Your 19 years old. "I'm 20 and how about you, Miss?" "I'm 19" Bloody hell! He's only 1 year older than me! Its not bad to love him is it? So I'll try my charm on him! I just hope he doesn't notice I'm seducing him... you thought.


Its your time to do your charm! You were wearing a red victorian dress. (A/N: your victorian dress's sleeves are on your arm not on your shoulder and the sleeve's color is black) You were so unlucky! Arthur told you that your someone was going to visit you for your father's company and he was going to help you run the company. When he saw you, he blushed and looked away. "What's wrong? How come your not looking at me? IS something wrong with my face?" you said with sarcasm in your voice. He looked away cause your cleavage was big. (yes you have big breasts!) "A-ah! N-no!! N-nothing! M-miss!" he said blushing harder and he was stuttering. You walked nearer to him and you put your hand on his chest and he gasped and blushed harder now and he kept on looking away. You dragged your hand up to the back of his head and you made him face you and you kissed him. He got shocked and he started kissing back. You separated for air and both of you were panting. "I love you" you said between pants "I love you too" he kissed you again and this turned him on.


He snaked his arm around your waist and you on his neck. He carried you bridal style not breaking the kiss and he brought you to your bedroom and he locked the door. He layed you down on your bed and he was hovering above you. He put his hand behind you and tried to remove the dress. He was having a hard time and you helped him remove it. Both of you were able to remove the dress and you were wearing nothing but only your bra and underwear. You unbuttoned his coat and his white dress shirt. He threw them on the floor and he removed his pants.


Both of you removed the remaining clothes and both of you were completely naked. He sucked, licked and bit your neck and you kept on moaning on the feeling and it caused a bruise. He licked down to your breast and put one of your boobs into his mouth. He licked and nibbled on your pink bud and you moaned louder again. He smirked and he loved your moans. He did the same treatment on the other one and he nibbled on your ear and you loved it so much. You were feeling pleasure all over your body. You rubbed your foot on his member and he moaned. "A-ah!" you wanted to hear more so you rubbed his member faster and he moaned more. He couldn't take it anymore and you got tired. He went down to your opening and he started licking your wowanhood. "A-ah!" you moaned and this is what you get as your punishment. He readied in front of your womanhood. "May I?" "Yes. You may" He inserted inside of you and it hurts like hell! "A-ah! I-it hurts so much!" you closed your eyes. "Don't worry. The pain will disappear" he was correct it did disappear. You nodded your head and he thrusted into you. "A-ah! A-arthur! F-faster!" you said panting. "Yes, Miss" he did what you commanded and you hated it when he called you miss but you'll tell him that later cause you didn't want to ruin the moment ;).


He started to thrust harder and faster and he ht your G-spot. "A-ah! A-arthur!" he knew what he was hitting and he kept on repeating it. "A-ah! A-arthur! I-I'm going to-! A-ah!" you said you were so near to climax and he was too. "M-me t-too l-love!" both of you spilled your juices and he didn't remove his member when he reached his climax. Does he want me pregnant? I think he does! Gyah! you were happily squealing in your mind. He removed his member then he lied down beside you. "You can just call me ____. I don't like being called like that by my lover" you said smirking. "You should've told me that awhile ago" "I know. I just didn't want to ruin the moment" you said smiling ear to ear. Someone was banging on the door and it was your maid, Vocal. "Miss! Mr. Jones is here and I have been banging on your door for 1 hour now!" she said angrily. You were shocked and so was Arthur. Both of you dressed up as quick as you can. You didn't wear that red victorian dress, instead you wore a simple (color) dress with long sleeves and it had a (color) ribbon wrapped around your waist and tied around your back. You wore white knee high socks and black shoes.


You and Arthur went out of your room and Vocal came to escort you to the meeting room. "So was it fun doing it to him?" Vocal asked you and she was smirking. "Yes. It was really fun" you said smiling.


~*~*~*~*~*~ Arthur's POV ~*~*~*~*~*~

Gilbert, one of ____'s cooks, was standing beside me and he was smiling. "What's wrong, git?" I asked him sounding rather annoyed. "So... Had fun doing it to Miss?" he asked me smiling like an idiot. "Bloody hell! S-shut up you git! Mind your own business!" I yelled at him and I felt my face heat up. He was running towards the kitchen with those annoying Kesesese's.



~*~*~*~* HOPE YOU LIKE IT DEAR READERS! ~*~*~*~*~

SOrry if its bad and its my first lemon

England © :iconhimaruyaplz:

Black Butler the owner of it (i dont know the owners)

You © :iconcuteenglandplz:
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Pokemongirl1212 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Holy shit.... It's like a combination of Black Butler and Hetalia!!! Oh sweet Jesus I love you stranger! X3
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Epic once I started reading I thought of black butler than you added hetalia beutiful
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